Moms on a Mission

The weather in West Palm Beach was spectacular this Saturday, which was a blessing since only a little over a week ago, we were all biting our nails waiting for the “Big One”.  Thankfully, Hurricane Matthew skirted our coastline and doled out only tropical storm forced winds.  Although much of the coast north of us was hit pretty badly, it could have been much worse if the hurricane continued barrelling towards the coast with category 4 sustained winds.
Needless to say, several students and their awesome moms awoke this morning to beautiful blue skies and the fairest of breezes.  Little humidity hung in the air and the gentle breeze seemed to whisper that fall has finally decided to arrive.  This all being the perfect setting for the “opening day” of our Christmas tree, wreath, and poinsettia pre-sale event for clean water initiatives and Mission India.  Moms, sons, and daughters strolled through the local neighborhoods that line the perimeter of Conniston Middle sticking door hangers on the doors of homes.
Not only did students practice speaking to homeowners about our project and the event, they had opportunities to speak with local business owners as well.  Spreading awareness about what we have been doing to others was a great learning experience for this group.
We hope you will consider buying your holiday trimmings from us this season by visiting our Eventbrite page here:
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Thanks and enjoy the fall season!