Diwali is an official Hindu holiday in India among a number of other countries.  This major holiday is truly a festival of lights and symbolizes the triumph of good (light) over evil (darkness).  Light is often represented by small little votive type candles called diyas, which are commonly lit inside and outside homes in abundance.  Families often prey in a ceramony known as a puja, eat and exchange gifts, and end the night with more light by way of fireworks.  One of the most beautiful decorations for this holiday is the rangoli, which is an ornate design or pattern made on floors with colored rice, powders, and flowers.  Rangolis will often have strategically placed diyas incorporated into their patterns as well.  In addition to providing homes with colorful decoration for Diwali, they also have come to symbolize the notion of bringing good luck to the dwellers of the home. As for the event being held to recognize Diwali, a mela is a fair, and fairs are frequently held in towns and villages across India during Diwali.



Conniston’s Mission India is super excited to be a part of a great annual tradition that is sponsored by our good friends from the Palm Beach India Association. We will be working at our very own Mission India booth for this year’s Diwali Mela Carnival on November 13th from 11AM to 7PM!  Our student ambassadors will be getting the word out about our project.  Meanwhile at the carnival, we will be passing out postcards regarding our work, selling small trinkets and toys for kids, and face painting.  Students are looking forward to experiencing this famous Indian holiday in an authentic manner, as well as sampling many Indian sweet and spicy foods.

Come find us!