On November 16th, Ric Blackwell from CBS visited Conniston Middle School to see what all of the fuss is about.  Our students, parents, and administration shared some of the great highlights from both Phase One and Phase Two.  Mr. Blackwell was contacted by our very own talented resident performing arts expert, Ms. Winters.  Through her orchestration, students were able to showcase many of the entrepreneurial products they have created from the ground up:  tank top designs, t-shirt designs, bar soaps, hand soaps, sugar scrubs, diyas, and mendhi (henna) tattoos.  Additionally, we shared one of our science station water pump designs that was part of our interactive fair.  Students explained that the pump allowed us to discuss the importance of water, the science behind specific pump designs, and how humans impact this essential resource.

Mr. Blackwell witnessed firsthand the ambition, determination, and passion of this fine group of students.  Administration couldn’t be prouder of the way they carried themselves under the pressure of the camera lens.  Mr. Blackwell will be taking all of the footage shot during his  two-hour visit and consolidating it into a concise 2-3 minute news story.  He mentioned that our segment will air on the CBS Morning News, PBS, and the Education Network Channel.  Stay tuned for air dates regarding our segment.  We will be sure to post links to the video pieces after airing as well!