With Thanksgiving fast approaching today’s India Club group was super small, in fact, there were only four students present.  Despite the low turnout, we had a most interesting introduction to Hindi by our master teacher, Mr. A.  Mr. A is a native Indian hailing from Varanasi, India.  He has traveled and lived in numerous places, first arriving in the United States in the late 1990s.  His background as an aeronautical engineer for Pratt Whitney will likely lead to additional talks to the students from a science and engineering perspective, which is an added bonus in securing him for Hindi lessons for the students at Conniston.

The great part of having such a small group was the one-on-one questions and phrases we were able to ask about.  Students learned some basic phrases such as: hello/good-bye, thank you, Ok that’s great, I am _____, How much is this?, Where is _______?, no/yes, I don’t understand, and of course, Water.  Mr. A was fantastic with the students, and even explained the ties to Hindi letters and Sanskrit and its being a Proto-Indo-European language.  With this, students were able to make the connections in common words from Spanish and French for example and their counterparts in Hindi.  One such example of this was the word “name”:  nombre, nom, and nam (written in phonetic English).  Below is the Hindi alphabet script, along with our teacher, Mr. A.