The year of 2016 came to a quick halt, and a highlight of a few of the year’s end activities can be seen below.  Our first West Palm Beach Greenmarket, a rainy yet fun time had by all.  We’re certainly looking forward to a better crowd turnout on a more perfect South Florida day for our next event there scheduled on January 28th.

Our Drive Thru BBQ event, which was held on December 10th, raised a very successful $740.00 that the Kalicharan family graciously donated to Mission India.  The food was AMAZING and the amount was huge for the price.  Lots of effort went into holding this event, from the great little tickets, to the food prep and delivery.  Even sweeter than the BBQ, was the conversation had with Mr. Kalicharan who stated that he hopes to continue cooking such meals and plans to bring them to our local homeless folks in the area parks. The family had dropped off the leftovers to the park after the event, and he stated that the looks of appreciation on their faces was priceless.

Perhaps one of the most exciting events was our family/traveler meeting with Leslie Pearce, who has journeyed to India twice herself, and was a wealth of information.  She brought plenty of items and pictures to behold. We managed to squeeze this meeting in just before the start of Christmas break.  Leslie had a slide show of colorful photos and several handmade saris and trinkets that she picked up on previous travels.  Families got a chance to ask more detailed questions about what to expect, pack, and plan for.  In fact, we are hopeful that a couple more parents may decide to join their kids after being inspired by the talk.

Our Experimental Design Science classes also managed a trip out to US Sugar before the year’s end to meet with key players and learn more about our local agricultural industry, water usage, geology, history, and job opportunities in our area.  The trip was a true gem as far as information gained and community connections made.  This trip will kick off another water themed unit once we return to school.  The students represented Conniston and even sported some of their artistic t-shirt designs while in Clewiston.