Conniston students are really honing their booth skills!  We had a great run at the West Palm Beach Green Market, where we had the good fortune of being set up on a day with another huge West Palm event coinciding with the downtown area.  The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure event drew in an additional 20,000 people to the area, and so our booth received a good amount of traffic.  With that being said, our students worked on practicing the delivery of their message in 10-15 seconds…about the time it take for the average person to walk by.  We had a discussion about the fact that it is normal to receive around nine rejections for every one person who shows interest.  The lessons they learned at the Green Market were invaluable for everyday life.

Many of those who bought our designed goods or simply who made donations, showed great interest in the mere fact that middle school students have enough withitness to be a part of a project so grande.  We even met parents who had a keen interest in “what school is doing such a remarkable thing?”, or “tell me more about IB”, or “how do I get my child in your program?”.  We would like to send a special thanks to our friend “Stacey” for her donations to students in our travel group and whose enthusiam about our project was contagious.

Our student ambassadors will be making additional scrubs for our next scheduled Green Market date set for March 18th, and we certainly hope to see YOU there!