In the mood for a sampling of great Bollywood films?  Look no further.  We have selected two amazing film examples over the recent years that are both entertaining and inspiring. In the interest of water and our water initiative at Conniston Middle School, the Bollywood film Water by Deepa Mehta is a fine example that weaves a wonderful story that draws the viewer in.


The film is actually the third film in Mehta’s trilogy that is preceded by Fire and Earth. The film analyzes a much deeper and darker topic on female widows and their plight in India. The symbolic title makes for an enriching conversation after having seen the film.

Our second Bollywood film choice is a “now in theatres” selection entitled Lion, and is based on a true story.  The movie is the story of a child lost and subsequently adopted and his journey to find his family.  Although this second film is not the traditional Bollywood film with song and dance that we now think of today, it still belongs to the Bollywood genre as it boasts a long list of famous Bollywood elite actors and actresses.  To boot, it blends Hollywood starlets like Nicole Kidman, who plays a staring role in the film.  This movie is a fine indication that Bollywood is now recognized for the amazing art that it is.

lion film.jpg