Dharma is a word in Sanskrit, an ancient language of India, that doesn’t possess a single English word translation.  It has complexity and layers to its meaning that require more than a single word response.  In fact, dharma is referenced in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism because of its powerful meaning.

So how can dharma be explained in a western culture sense?  Perhaps the clearest presentation of dharma would be by way of good virtues and a right way of living.  Simply put, doing the right thing with and for others and the universe.

This concept epitomizes the process and journey that we have been on for the past two years.  We are self reflecting on our role in the world/universe.  We are helping others by doing good deeds, and we are additionally striving to help the universe so that our global resource of water continues to be accessible and clean for all. The attributes of the IBMYP philosophy are eerily similar to what is known as the Dharma Wheel.


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