Guest Blog Post by Traveler Dylan Bauer:

On Monday the 12th of June I started out on an adventure of lifetime that was 2 years in the making. Me, my mom and a group of 13 others are on our way to India.

It all began at the Tri Rail station in West Palm Beach, Florida. We met up at 11am and boarded the train bound for the airport in Miami, Florida. It took about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get there and I was excited because I had never been on it before. On the train everyone was either getting a little sleep or talking about the trip. Time flew by as we reached our stop at the Miami airport.

Once we arrived at the airport and got off the plane, everyone took a restroom break and then we went to a train that took us to a different part of the airport. Mrs.Killingsworth (our teacher) went to go get our plane tickets and we split up in different groups to find somewhere to eat, each group had at least 1 adult with them. After eating we met up with Mrs.Killingsworth and went through security. As a first time traveler I found it very interesting the screening process you have to go through to fly. They asked us to take our shoes off, put our bags and luggage through x-ray, and had to scan us in a big machine. It was a pretty simple and quick process.

Once we all cleared security, we went to our gate and waited to board our first plane to Newark, NJ. We would wait for a few hours. While waiting, a few of us from the group would play card games to pass the time, some used their phones and some took naps. We then got notified that our flight will be delayed about an hour back, we were not very worried until it got delayed again… After waiting, and Mrs.Killingsworth calling EF Tours, the flight was postponed for the next day. We then went to a different area in the airport where Mrs. Killingworth was trying her best to get us a flight that night or very early in the morning. After waiting in the airport for a long long time, we were told that are next flight was early in the morning, We were happy for that, but worried that we might miss a day of our trip. We got our tickets and got food vouchers for any inconveniences. We all went to a Subway in the airport and had our dinner. We also got a hotel in the airport that we could sleep in until our flight in the morning.

For the second day everyone woke up at early hours of the morning to get to the gate, we all got together in a group and repeated the process of the first day. We went through security and got everything checked out, then went to our gate. We waited until it was our time to board the plane, our group was called and we walked into the plane. We were shown our seats and after everyone was seated and shown what to do if the plane had to land unexpectedly and all that; we took off.

For my first time being on a plane it was amazing, seeing everything from so high, being above the clouds, it was all crazy and amazing. We landed in Chicago and got off the plane and headed to the ticket counter for Air India to get our tickets for the next flight. Unfortunately, something had gone wrong and the tickets that had been arranged the night before, hadn’t been confirmed, so it was now a race to get us on any plane to allow us to get to our destination. After some time, Mrs. Killingsworth was able to get us a flight into Germany and from Germany into India. We then again went through security in Chicago and we went in different groups to get food, after getting food we went to our gate, played cards, and then boarded the plane to fly on Munich, Germany. This was a much bigger plane than the first one. It was crazy how big it was. We all had little tv screens on the seats in front of us, and could watch all these new movies as much as we wanted. Also, had different games that we could play as well. Despite all the cool stuff that we could do, I think I slept most of the trip.

It took about 7 hours to reach Germany. After landing we got off the plane and went right away to the next gate, where we needed to board the next plane. Once we got on the plane, the other difference from the first plane was that this plane had cameras that you could look through to see different angles outside of the plane. It was really cool to watch take-off from the nose of the plane and see the passing scenery from underneath. This second flight probably took about another 7 hours and the time finally came that we arrived in India.

It was 9:30 pm India time when we arrived. When we got off the plane, we had to go through customs. That was another interesting experience, but we finally made it through and were able to go and meet our tour guide. We were all excited about starting this new adventure in India.