Guest Blog Post by Traveler Maya Gutierrez:

It all began on a hot summer day in the middle of June. I had just gotten to the train station and was ready to begin my trip to India.

When the train dropped us off at the airport I was so amazed of how different it was. It even had a monorail to take us to our gate. After we got of the monorail we all ate dinner and waited to board our plane to Newark. To pass time we played card games and watched movies for several hours.



After waiting for a while our plane got delayed because of things like maintenance problems because the plane’s food cart didn’t arrive. Then it finally got delayed because of mechanical problems and was pushed back to the next morning. We did not want to loose our time in India so after waiting in line for about five hours we finally came up with a solution. It was midnight and our new flight would take off at five o’clock in the morning. After we got situated we ate a very late dinner and then we all went to bed in the Miami airport hotel. The rooms were pretty average and we only got about three to four hours of sleep. It is Tuesday and I am now on a three hour flight to Chicago. I fell asleep for about half of the plane ride and I was in between two total strangers. When we reached Chicago we had a six hour layover for our sixteen hour flight to Delhi. When we went to pick up our tickets at Air India we waited about three more hours to get our tickets because we were told our flight was overbooked and there were no more available seats for us on the plane. Now we needed a new we to get to India. By Wednesday morning we were still in Chicago and had not reached India yet. The flight to Germany want well and I slept the whole time. I was next to Mia and I fell asleep on her armrest. We were now ready to fly to Delhi. The airport in Germany was also completely different from all of the other airports we have been to. It was very clean and extremely quiet compared to the airport in Miami. On our second seven hour flight I slept for the
whole plane ride again. This plane ride had more high quality computers. We have arrived!



It is Wednesday, June 14 at 10:45 P.M. Since we had gone through all of these problems at the airport we now had a new upgraded hotel. Even though we went through all this trouble it was still worth it because our journey has been great so far.