Mission: India




Over the course of the 2015-2016 school year, students engaged in a substantial school wide effort that incorporated Florida curriculum and standards with an international lens on India.  This phase of the project had deep focus in the sciences, specifically natural resources and the strains on those resources due to population explosions.  Students partnered with non-profit group, Water for People, to assist in contributing to solutions in-country pertaining to updating sanitation infrastructure and providing clean water access to Indians in rural villages located in West Bengal.  As part of the philosophy of Water for People, the plans set forth in country included huge emphasis on sustainable solutions that would remain intact once outside resources pull out of the area.  Students met with staff from Water for People including hydrogeologists and engineers who worked in field during the efforts to problem solve and discuss the disparities of the area.  By year’s end, Conniston Middle school donated funds to Water for People totaling $10,000 through various fundraising efforts.

With regard to the types of fundraising events, students were responsible for brainstorming ideas, collaborating together to create a business plans from idea inception to execution of the event.  Through this process the students practiced valuable 21st Century skills that can translate through their lives.  Some of the events they held include: SkateZone Nights, Movie Nights, Product Sales, participation at the West Palm Beach India Fest, Global Change Challenge participation, and Science Night.  The image above is one custom designed by students and manufactured on apparel sold at a number of their events during Phase One of our two-year service and learning project, which has been aptly titled: Water for India.